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Welcome "Home"!

Updated: Feb 11

Welcome to your new "Home" for your Health. In my blogs you can find information, education, favorites, tips & tricks, recipes and more.

Hello my friends,

Lauren Neil here, founder of the T(eat)CH program and the Daily H.A.B.I.T.

Health, wellness, fitness and integrative nutrition became my passion and the focal point of my life when I was in my least healthy chapter. I wanted to understand WHY I wasn't well. I didn't want medications or a bandaid to cover it up, I wanted answers. That is where my lifelong journey began. Many years of schooling, degrees, classes, certifications and practice later; here I am ready to help you find your path to better health and wellness.

Everyone's health journey looks a little different. For some, the struggles are new and have come with age or injury. For others, you may not know life without an upset stomach or have always struggled with your weight (too much or too little). Perhaps you just learned you can't have CHEESE or BREAD?! (I promise your world won't end, I've been there, too) I'm here to help you navigate the choppy waters and be comfortable and healthy again.

My website, my programs, my business, my purpose on the planet, is to help and educate people. Some blogs will be on food, health, habits, and nutrition - the good the bad and the ugly. Other blogs will be education on the chemicals in our daily products, environment and lives that you may not know are affecting you -methylisothiazolinone, anyone?

I'm looking forward to writing for you, to working for you, to enhancing your lives and hearing from you. My door is always open; send me a message, ask me a question, let me know what you want to read about. I value your thoughts and questions.

Happy learning, my Friends 💚

Wishing you Well,


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