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Mindful Eating Habits

We live in a world of distraction. Phones, children, television, social media; we are are masters of multitasking. This can be great for some tasks in life, but it is a nightmare for digestion and our gut health.

When we don't pay attention to the food we are putting into our mouths, we are more inclined to eat too quickly, overeat, swallow air while we eat (which leads to bloating and indigestion), poor absorption, and weight gain.

So, how do we fix this?

1.) Eat distraction free!

-Put away your phone, turn off the tv, sit down at a quiet table, focus on your food!

2.) Chew food, throughly

-I know this sounds silly, but pay attention to chewing your food until it is COMPLETELY chewed and ready to swallow (no "big" chunks left). This will first and foremost slow down your eating, second it will break down the food more for better absorption of nutrients.

3.) Savor your food!

-When you are thoughtful about your food choices and what is nourishing your body, you should be savoring the taste, smell, and function of the foods you are putting into your body and respecting the purpose of it. Find pride in what you are nourishing your body with!

Try these 3 simple fixes to eat more mindfully. Paying attention to HOW you put food in your mouth is just as important as WHAT you put into your mouth.

Wishing You Well,


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